#Top10 of 2017 Weddings -When you dream of a Lilc Wedding & Wine

Sara & Andre’s Wedding @ The Doctor’s House

Photography by: Captured by Kirsten 


This beautiful wedding of Andre & Sara,  is another one of my faves of #2017. I had to talk about this for a couple of  reasons. First well it’s totally gorgeous, second though, these guys got me at their blue and white ( and if you know me long enough you would know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE blue and white fine china, like anything chinoiserie and the Portuguese blue tiles and china too, ) and of course I also love when couples bring their own sense to the wedding.  And did these guys do this the right way or what ??? 

So as I will post the images you will see what I’m talking about, the way they integrated they love for wine and their travels in Portugal, the way the lush greenery and soft pastels ran away with the sun setting down at The Doctors’ House oh my that was just so magical - The visuals are so inticing, pay at talent io to the details throughout - here is me prepping her bouquet for her photos in the am:


Here are these magical details I was talking about:

Everything so seamless and cohesive, soft lilacs, shimmering soft linens, gold vintage accents on the frames for table numbers. The favours for guests were the wine glass coasters with a personal message from the  couple  - going back to the table numbers - here is a little story about that - the seating chart - unfortunately I don’t have the images, but it was a map of Portugal and  guests could see all the places they have traveled across Portugal and specific cities/ towns were the names of the guests tables. That is how guests found their place at the hall, they first had to find which town/ city they have to go to lol so cute !!

The florals are delicate, in design  and colours, lilacs, ivories, soft field florals as well as soft roses to bring the whole Vision together.  Sara’s Vintage oft nude toned gown was a complete dream, and Andre’s suit!!!! I mean how sexy can you get ????? Love my clients !!!!! And to complete the whole thing - DID YOU SEE Sara’s BLING ????? OMG !! 

Ps: My fave is her Wifey purse too lol  -  I hope you enjoy this stunning wedding on this Friday darlings, comment and let me know what you think below, xoxoxo 


TW-FW - Toronto Women’s Fashion Week - Joseph Tassoni

So exited about this blog post you guys!!! I hope you had the chance to read my 2016 TOM* experience, this time around I took part of Toronto Women’s Show. Specifically it was Joseph Tassoni collection - his Winter 18’/ Spring 19’ collection Winter Garden Frozen in. Time. It was beyond beautiful



Joseph approached me with the idea of having these queen re-emerge from the frost into the coming spring and how best to express that ?? Well with flowers crowns  of course !! So off I go to come up with my #floralcoutre as Joseph called it. Everything was done by colour and texture - there were 4 princess and 2 queens


The collection was absolute stunning, all made in canada and truly is so spring like - you know how it is here in Canada  ( March/ April  yet still snowing sometimes) this is so perfect for our weather, the colours are sunny and bright but everything is nice and warm !! 

Joseph is so great to work with - literally he would be like “ Margarita honey, I trust you just do magic !”  Lol and so we did!! Joseph made this collaboration with @redken and other amazing artist to bring this creation to life, the work ethic and the group  of professionals that brought this together was absolutely remarkable.   Really. Truly. 

See the images below and take a bow - sooooo in love with everything, hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

Ps: #fashionsanta aka:PaulMason was in the house  as well of course !!! He is the best !  

Pps: Miss Venezuela 2016 was present as well as our purple noble queen, what a pleasure to meet Keysi Sayago - she is truly one of a kind.  

Ppps: Thank you Joseph Tassoni for this one of a kind opportunity xoxox Margo

And here are some #BTS - some of these I  took off of the instagram of the other artists that participated in the show other were mine, in any case - a little sense of the hectic time that go pre show xoxo 

Photography by @cherosales  


My time at TOM* - 2016 VIP dinner experience

I love being creative ( duhhh right??) well it’s not only the process of creation, but also I find it interesting when you are lucky enough to get asked to do different creative / design requests. It’s a total challenge, I feel like my brain has opened every interior, fashion book, browsed through every movie and art gallery showing I went to till this point- I’m trying to grab every texture, feeling, inspiration,  experience, tangible and non tangible thing that stayed on my mind for whatever reason- and then simply create. That’s one heavy task you might think but it’s so natural and so freeing. 

So long story short, when I get approached to do projects like TOM* - Toronto Mens Fashion Week,  it’s beyond exhilirating. Last time I had the pleasure of doing a VIP dinner that celebrated Harry Rosen’s bday and all the fashionistas and Moda influencers of Toronto where there - some pictures are below for you to imagine the space -

ps: dinner was ON the runway !!  - There are the images from the runway below, but after them there is a surprise VIP guest that had his birthday on the runway - scroll down to read and see the full video!!!

So that was a super delicious design if you ask me - black on black napkins and linens, dark custom chairs made by the talented @daladecor - mixed with the long set up of the flowers. Now with the flowers we went simply - lacquered black long vases with ivory hydrangeas and sallal greenery but we sprayed it with a black Laquered Rust Oleum spray paint for that extra sexiness (obviously) and it gives it a luster texture under all those spot lights and a sense of drama ( I mean we are at fashion week after all!!) 

Still one of my favourites - above are just some behind the scenes - but the next photo is my favourite- Harry Rosen was a guest of honour, it was also his  birthday so all the guests celebrated this Men’s wear geniuses fashion house mogul - 

 Happy Birthday Harry Rosen

Happy Birthday Harry Rosen

And here are some more #BTS videos for you guys - i know you guys asked to see more of those .... 

#Top10 of 2017 Weddings - Winter Wedding - A la elegance

My #top10 2017 weddings  series couldn’t be complete without this gorgeous winter wedding we designed for Ana and Vitalik this past December at the  Red Crest Gold Club up north in King City.  First and foremost you need to understand something about the property, it’s HUGE, its vast and so so lush. That is something that I love about the golf courses that are more up north that are able to expand their property and create beautiful uninque details, like ponds and lakes,  bridges and gazebos, and other elements that another wedding venue would simply not have. 

So here is a little sneak for you before I go on.... 

I mean did you get a cabin fever yet or what??? Anyway the inside is stunning, the architectural elements and the raw bones of the space is truly Canadian and very warm. I feel this space can go either way, it could be very rustic, natural and organic on the other hand it could be very elegant and have a very elevated event with the right decor elements. Below is one of the custom iron chandeliers that they have there, I mean twinkle light is life here !!! 




The wedding was winter wonderland but  a warm one, Elsa wasn’t anywhere around if you know what I mean. Nothing Christmas-y - meaning no Christmas  trees, no Christmas ornaments, no “snow” just a cold winter night spend in a classy cabin partying a night away! The  linens were nice and shimmery, the table design was linear (which added to that sexiness you now what i’m Saying ??) and as soon as we placed the chairs - the linear look  was even more enhanced and took the whole table setting to a new level.   The greens of winter,  can be both very juicy in colour vivid greens dark greens, or they can be the muted grey  tones ones, shaded a bit. We used both, we mixed all greenery with (baby’s breath - which th bride adored) the reds had to be there too, and the whole picture was complete with crap loads fo candles, I mean this couldnt’ BE complete with out floating candles, I mean there is nothing like the glistening glass with the water and the floating candles, the twinkle bounces off of the mirrored surfaces and it creates such an amabiance, fuzzy fuzzy but yet romantic feel.  And I really think we nailed it for Annna, I mean check out her reaction when she walked into the room and saw it for the first time....

You know how much I love showing you BTS footage and in general my process etc.... so I had @summitartworks come and record the whole thing for us,  hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Happy Sunday darlings, let me know what you think  in the comments, would love to hear from you. 


Ps: have anyone noticed my matching green emerald tassel earrings - a total match ! 

Pps: have you noticed, how we placed the white faux throw under the cake for that cabin feel? 

Ppps: how amazing is Anna’s white fur coat? The girls had them as well,but a mini version (more of a shawl) then the bridal one. These guys were absolute perfect, their theme, the day, the design everything, I will tag the production team below:

 Planning: @youreffortlessevent

Event Design: #OED team 

BTS Photos: @summitartworks  

Venue: Red Cardinal Golf Club

 Xoxo Margo  

Versace on the Floor


Hi Dahhhlings, as my #top10 2017 wedding series continues I want to talk about this sexy stylized shoot we did (amidst a crazy wedding season of course)  so its not really a wedding but it was  most definelty inspired by a wedding. And not just any wedding. I mean, I do weddings all year round, I do them in every season, for every budget, for every theme and pallets imaginable. But one thing I noticed in 2017 was that there was an increase in “lunch” weddings, couples want more options  then just to have a party and a dinner ( not that there is anything wrong with that) but people want options. 

So venues got smart and started to offer Fridays and Sundays and Day time weddings etc... not besides the different days of the week, now there are different vibe to the wedding too. This stylized shoot was designed to show just that.  There were two main ideas for this shoot - (one) was to have two brides ( I felt I saw 2 men more often then 2 women when it came to LGBT weddings) and (second) idea for this shoot was that it was a day time / cocktail style wedding. So forget the wine and the heavy dinner, here lay a fun totally sexy get together ( I mean who doesn’t want to wear a gown at day time lol ) surrounded by tons of bubbly, cocktail style bite sized desserts and instead of your traditional wedding cake there were gaudy donut walls more champagne and espresso of course!

So this is how I imagined it - guests would come inside a cocktail space furnished in gorgeous lounge furniture - candles  everywhere - its all about leisure and comfort yet looking Uber sexy as you do this. A huge  bar is there for you to get any drink you desire, ( mimosas proffered but then again its 5 o’clock somewhere right????) and of course as you talk, lounge, congratulations and eat, you have a stunning backdrop to take photos a la Vanity Fair.  I mean common !!!   I think that for couples that have less then 100 people - could totally pull this off and make it so utterly theirs with unique details and customer anything really. Its  like a brunch,almost - but a bit elevated. 

I think I’m gonna start a trend, what you guys think? Sexy cocktail style weddings, yup.

That’s it! :)  

This was a huge success, but a huge success take a huge team to put this whole thing together.  I am beyond thankful for the whole team and all the effort every one put here - 1000 % - this shoot was truly something special as Elegant Wedding Magazine actually put it on their 2018 Cover !!! WHAT !! YES AND YES.   And You can grab a copy at your local Indigo !!! like omg.         I know - we are so so thrilled. 

There is truly a special feel to this type of wedding,  I tell my clients all the time, when I enter into your space / reception/ hall whatever, what inside of it will tell me oh my god this is totally like so and so wedding?  ... right? Like what is it in the ambiance, what is it in the air that made it so YOU??   Hence this shoot right. I think that is the only way to do a wedding ohhhhh #micdrop

Below is the sexy cover, you can take a look and then the rest of the shoot - hope you enjoy it darlings


xoxo Margo


New life - New logo


I don’t know if you know that about me, but I love all that motivational stuff out there.  I’m a sucker for a good story and a good wholesome motivational uplifting experiences. I find I love the underdogs too, (maybe I see myself in them don’t know either way )  I love ppl with a chip on their shoulders that have something to prove ( and the ones that prove it are the best of course, like GaryVee per say.) I love all that stuff that makes you stronger on your own, when you have your own discussions in your own time and when you lay out some perspective for yourself  and your future. And then of course when you get shit done, that’s the icing on the cake.

You probably asking your self where I’m going with this, well  since the birth of this journey of mine - OUDALOVA Events & Design - I’m being honest here, you ( as in me lol )  first try to succum to some sort of a mould or some sort of a look, and yes maybe for a bit it works, but then you come got realize that - frankly my dear no one gives a damn - that in actuality this ( your life, your business in general and your look business / logo etc ) needs to be yours, your own, you need to own it and love it - BECAUSE YOU LOVE IT - because it feels like you and THAT sets you apart. Cause there is no one like you. And so bringing it 360 here - this is how this redesign came to be - I wanted something,  a logo, an image, a visual that would represent me as I am. I love tuxedos, I love masculine lines in design but yet I love bows, I love sexy couture on the runways, I love endless amounts of roses,  I love a statement, any, as long as its done well,  I wanted it and I wanted it all in a logo. I think this was accomplished. 

I searched for a while for the right person to do this with me  - and lo and behold - instagram showed me the remarkable SOSOCIAL - She resides all the way in the land down under mate - yes Australia  but if you know anything about Australian weddings, like wow, please Pinterest a bunch of them you will know what I’m talking about.  Amani is the Creative Director and the maestro at So Social - Amani darling I want to thank you for your patience with me and my crazy late night emails, but simply nailed it.  love you to pieces. 

Had to squeeze this little blog blooper in -  in between our #top10 2017 weddings series, just in case you see all the new branding you now know why. So here is to new beginning darlings, may they all be pretty clear - black and white - and full of roses am I right ??? 


Xoxo Margo



#Top10 2017 Weddings - KLEENEX LOVE


Hi guys, its so nice to be back talking to you about all things beautiful. I missed writing, really truly and since our last blog we have so many unique and creative projects happening, as well as been meeting amazing people and  seeing stunning new spaces and places that I feel I simply must share with you.

So here I am thinking of where to start this off once again and I started looking into our 2018 season - and I thought you  you know what? I cannot  do it this without first looking back at our top 10 most sexy weddings of 2017.

Enter Kleenex Wedding.

And this is what happens when you get hired by Kleenex to take their social media ads to a whole new level. So here the scoop, my friend Nadin  spoke of our company to the creative team at her work (she works at an ad agency) She maybe have mentioned that we kinda mastered the #flowerwall movement and can make pretty much anything out of anything. ( we kinda are known as the mother of all installers) 

So next this you know, we start talking about their concept and  basically started working on their Summer Wedding season Commercial. What they wanted to create is some sort of a statement piece  or a wall for it but the key was that the product we used/ the flowers   (well at least 90% of the material ) had to be made out of Kleenex flowers and some greenery. I was like okayyyyyyyyy let me think about it for a second  (cause before I say anything I want to make sure that I got the construction down, right???) So anyway after a long daligation and back and forth we narrowed it down to a huge 10’x 13’ floral wall at the head table (yeezy influence in the house or what, ginormous white flower wall it is) 

So lets cut to the chase, it took me and my team 3 weeks to construct this wall, we did it in parts, I think in total we had 4 panels. We first constructed the tissues florals, glues, stapled, wired, you name it we did it ( man those were some hard core wrist action) so yes after 3 weeks it was all done and ready for installation. But to make things more exiting, I’m kinda known to take it to the next level, after all the combination of the silk flowers, the Kleenex roses and the faux greenery, we decided to add vertical Fresh White phelaenopsis orchids that would literally drip down off of the wall.  The texture on that wall was so juicy and delicious even though  all textures were all white! 

We had other Kleenex touches throughout the wedding, like for example we had individual Kleenex packages put in white boxes with a little Thank you note on them. And for the purpose of continuity we placed some  Kleenex roses inside the live low floral centerpieces on the guests tables as well.

This project was by far one of my top 10 highlights of 2017 -  I had to write about it as not only  the couple became very special to my heart  and we literally became family and continue to work on their special event together,  my whole team had a blast putting the room together for Ali and Rhonda, and I am so thankful for that experience. 

So to take away anything from this would be:  

1) anything can be made out of anything. LOLZ. legit.  

2) an all white wedding can never, ever, ever be out of style. 

3) I believe and strongly recommend  that brides surround themself with the right Event Design Team on their wedding day as literally magic can happens on the most important day of your life, trust them and leave it up to the professionals to guide our vision on to the space. 

You can stroll down to see all the unique details of the florals them self, the head table and wedding design in general.  And in the end  of course we put the beautiful video for you guys  to watch,  hope you enjoy it!!! 

Another Wedding Design complete - check

xoxo Margarita Oudalova  

Event Design, Productionj & Styilng: OUDALOVA Events & Design Inc Wedding Venue: The Manor by Peter and Paul Dress: Ferre Sposa Bridal



"Wise men say
Only fools rush in,
But I can't help falling in love with you.

Shall I stay
Would it be a sin,
If I can't help falling in love with you.

Shall I stay
Would it be a sin,
If I can't help falling in love with you.

Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand
Take my whole life too,
For I can't help falling in love with you"

Songwriters: George Weiss / Hugo Peretti / Luigi Creatore