Why we do styled shoots?

Okay, so why we - be it floral designers, event designers, photographers, and frankly every other creative vendor in the wedding industry do Creative or Styled Photo shoots?  Well there are many reason to it, but I will tell you what is my thought behind it.

Styled shoots are a gorgeous and stunning result of a dream. Yes, exactly that.

It starts with one of us (we have a creative team that we usually work together with) coming up with an idea. When it is me, I always merry (no pun intended) my self to an idea, either I saw something somewhere and I want to make it into a reality or I got inspired by the latest Runway spree of designers, or I come back from a trip and need to feel a particular texture in my shoot. In reality it can be anything, but the more I think about it the more I understand that through my styled shoots, I want to create a feeling. It usually ends up being something  that brides imagine in their heads ( and pin on their pinterest boards) and never end up doing. Most likely because the ideas is too bold for a wedding,  its too extreme, too fashion forward, too SEXY (yes, yes there is that !!) or too unheard of. It is most likely too expensive,  too difficult to accomplish ( not for us !!) its too complicated. ...... and so forth

So there you have it, all the above reasons is WHY  I do these styled shoots.  Am I breaking the "box"? breaking the "mold? , yes you can say that, but I would rather say making dreams, making beauty, making it all complete, for your for your special day JUST THE WAY YOU WISHED IT WOULD BE.  Anything can be done, yes, yes I said it.  With the right team, right people, right creative minds and designers - any construction and decor or concept can be brought to life. So to my brides, grab your designers by the horns and run with it. 

Styled shoots are there to show you how things could be brought to life. Get inspired, get creating, get pintresting, get talking (over coffee preferably) and lets get to work !!!!!


OUDALOVA Events & Design


To make it fun, here are some photos of behind the scenes shoot we did last year in January at the gorgeous Graydon Hall Manor - these are mostly my Iphone photos, but they are here to show you what my day looks like before, during and after.

Margarita Oudalova

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