Flower GIrl Wedding Accessories


In this past wedding season, I have noticed that many brides/couples seem to be "stuck"  in the duties of the bridal party for their wedding, especially when it comes to the little people. You know them as theFlower Girls and Ring Boys, butthey have a big job actually !!!!

I wish we would pay more attention to what they can do to give the wedding more "oomph" and how their role could be more creative rather then just walking up and down the aisle. I was happy to see in the last couple of years, a lot of humorous ideas came floating around with funny signs for the ring boys ("Here comes my mom" instead of "Here comes the Bride" was a cute one) that they carry, and flower girls are wearing more and more cute flower crowns and sometimes even dress like the identical mini copy of the bride, which is totally adorbs!!!

But... there are so many other ideas and so when I work with my clients I love throwing these ideas at them as they literally hear it for the first time!! One of them is the "fairy wands" literally like Tinker Bell would have but these ones made out of flowers. Other beautiful floral details are purses made out of actual flowers and some couples go as far as having little wings for theflower girls ( not the "Halloween-princess" type but the little angel feather / "cupid" type)

Besides that I know that I would always be a big advocate of halos. Halos from baby's breath, halos from spray roses, full on floral crowns and delicate custom floral hair accessories, that look stunning on a smooth hair up-do or a lustrous long hair, either way flowers for your accessories is a stellar choice!!  So go ahead be creative, be you at your wedding day, even the little ones can make your wedding extra unique and sentimental.

Always for the love of beauty

X.O.X.O Margarita Oudalova