Palais Royal Wedding - Anna + Jeremy tie the knot

As I'm looking back at this past season of weddings, I can' t help but think of the amazing team of people that surrounds me and OUDALOVA Events & Design constantly. I love my OUDALOVA Events & Design girls, my husband who is my partner in the business who always, always stands beside me and the company's growth, my creative industry collaborators and numerous publications that love what we do and thus feature it on their platforms.  I guess what I'm trying to say that, ALL these people are extremely important to me, to the company and I'm so grateful. This wouldn't' be possible without them.

In the images below, we captured a bit of what we did for Anna's and Jeremy's wedding last May at the beautiful Palais Royale. I always show behind the scenes as it shows what we do so literally and hopefully you will get a better feel of who we are (as a company and a team) and how much we love what we do (sometimes we get tired, but we are trying to always look good while doing it lol )



Margarita & OUDALOVA Events & Design Team

Behind the scenes with the craziest, best, sexiest team EVER!!

Wedding Pictures:

Photos by: Fang Su