Well here it is. The First week of January 2016, and I am so itching to write. Wanted to say a LOUD THANK YOU!! Thank you for all the beautiful people that I have met and loved and got to be around 2015.

New Year it is such a bittersweet time,no?

You let go, you gain, you recollect, yet somehow you still are who you are. When it comes to weddings, I always felt very sad in the end of the process, I felt like it was a completion, a final product, that's it. You worked with this beautiful family for a year, sometimes two and planned and designed their day, then poof its all gone...  Until....

Last August one beautiful soul, she is the sister of one of my beautiful 2015 Brides, told me in reaction to my sadness, "This is only the beginning, we have our whole lives in front of us. All of our celebrations are just starting, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays & weddings of my kids!"  My life kinda changed since then. I'm here for the long haul, to leave a mark, and a beautiful one at that.

For 2016 I have chose,  LOVE, PASSION and above all BEAUTY. So here is to us, here is to 2016 a wonderful new beginning and a road unknown but oh so wanted. Stay ambitious, curious and wonderful.

From my family, from the whole family at OUDALOVA Events & Design , chin chin.


Yours truly, 

Margarita Oudalova

if you see beauty in everything, you are an artist
— unknown