This was magic, truly and really.

Back in September of 2014 we gathered a stellar team that put together a tribute to the late OSCAR de la Renta (The Man of Elegance )  Approached by Perfect Wedding Magazine - Luxury Wedding Blog & Canada's top wedding, fashion and lifestyle magazine, we were asked to create a luxury shoot that defined the modern Canadian bride, and we did just that. I really do hope you know by now that I am big on #fashion #style and #design, the whole concept was created around Oscar De La Renta's  Dominican Republic roots, so yes you could  get inspired by your background, grandmas skirt or your mom's vase,  for your wedding, no shame in it ( I guarantee to put a sexy twist on it !! ) so we did just that!!!

From the glazed light blue dishes to dark Spanish glass vases, to the  tropical flowers such as #proteas and the colourful scheme of the table top. Linens  from The Linen Closet were dark and moody - with a bit of gold glam. The venue Hacienda Sarria   has #spanish haritage so that was perfect, the sexy stationary  by Defining Moments Stationary was inspired by Oscar's love of florals (we loved it too, we wont lie!)

Bridal gowns and  jewellery was provided by Kleinfeld Canada and all was of course  by Oscar de la Renta, to say the least we couldn't get enough of it and we ALL wanted to try these dresses on!!! The custom Head piece was done by the talented By Ropena -  The bespoke groom's clothing was provided by Harry Rosen - we mixed some Tom Ford with Armani and added a touch of glam by putting a brooch instead of a boutonniere, what do you think?

For the Makeup and Hair we partnered up with no other then Allana from - how dramatic and inviting is that makeup? wow, I'm still drooling!! I have to say that working with our beautiful models made life really easy, I mean we had amazing chemistry and bond with these two - thank you Josh McAree and Nicole Kawalez love you both !!!  Oh my goodness have you seen the cakes that were custom made by Sweet Regards,  dark, colourful, bold, gutsy, big over the top - just like it should be for your big day!!!

One thing I do want to point out that something on this scale can never be put in a day, it took long hours and days to gather everyone and keep everyone on the same page, this talent is kept for #planners, and our superstar of a coordinator was Annmarie from EVENT CULTURE. I am also thankful for all the assistants that came out to help out as well !!!

We got spoiled by having an exclusive film created for the shoot by the talented Christian Peterson from ONE HEART FILMS   - you can check the gorgeous film right here: OSCAR DE LA RENTA FILM.

I'm leaving the photographer last because I love her so much, Carla Silva  of Photasia Photography Reimagined is a talented artist, photographer, mother and entrepreneur. Carla has been featured on Vogue and Grace Ormond and I have so much respect for her and what she does. I am in awe of how she captured everything, and she always stays true to herself and yet manages to exuded that certain je ne sais quoi for the shoot.

I am so proud and  humbled, that is how projects should be done. I am thankful for the team and everyone who rooted for us, Thank you again, kisses and hugs from me to you!!


xo  Margarita & OUDALOVA TEAM!!

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