Trend: Fall Weddings

Each season has its own unique beauty to offer to your wedding, and the fall season is no exception. This season’s beautiful but short-lived weather and scenery offer an array of options in venues, dresses and flowers that spring and summer may not be well suited for.


The popular 2015 fall weddings will see monochromatic palettes, elegance and fitting metallic details. And the wedding dresses can be described as being full of elegance with a fairytale-like quirk factor.


However, before we talk about anything else, the most unique thing about a fall wedding (as it should be!) is the beautiful backdrop that the fall foliage provides. An outdoor wedding in the midst of the gorgeous warm golden colours of fall leaves is nothing less than magical. At the beginning of the season, the afternoons and evenings are still warm enough for an outdoor venue and there is nothing like a refreshingly cool autumn breeze.    

Wedding dresses should be tailored for the season as well. The unique weather makes long sleeves a beautiful and practical option and the trends for fall 2015 wedding gowns are beautiful! Off the shoulder gowns, V-necks and feathers were seen on the fall 2015 runway. Intricate lace, laser cut florals and subtly bejewelled bodices and skirts also ruled the runways. 

However, my favourite trend was definitely the dramatic sleeves! Somehow, they fit well with the rustic yet elegant atmosphere of autumn. 

Speaking of the unique atmosphere of fall- it should be brought into the florals and décor of your wedding too! This year the colours for fall will be pared down, earthy and monochromatic. This year’s trend of adding richer tones such as wine and burgundy will look beautiful as accents in a warm toned monochromatic fall wedding. Also, we’re loving the idea of adding metallic- especially gold tones- to the décor (even the cake)! Golden mirrors the fall colours and would go beautifully with rich tones, blush, pastels, white and really pretty much everything else. 

Some fun fall themed décor options to get creative with include pine cones, pumpkins, lanterns, candles and wreaths. Dahlias and antique hydrangeas are popular for fall weddings as well: dahlias go well with the season with their classy, earthy colours and antique hydrangeas come in subtle earth tones. Of course, other flowers trending this year would be beautiful as well: such as baby’s breath, pictured below. 

Another particularly delicious (and incidentally our favorite) fall themed idea is to serve treats such as hot cocoa, apple cider, s’mores, candied pecans and other autumn treats to your guests. This would be the perfect final touch to a memorable fall wedding! 

So what do you think? Did we convince you to have a fall wedding? Or at least go to one? 

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