Flowers and their meanings

Flowers are inherently beautiful which is why we enjoy surrounding ourselves with them so much. Like colours, certain flowers evoke certain feelings in us, and, like colours,we’ve attached certain symbolic meanings to them.

During the Victorian era flowers had a distinct language of their own. In the austere, strict society, flowers were used to communicate strong human emotions between lovers, friends, and enemies. Although their meanings are no longer as important or even widely known, many flowers popular for weddings have been associated with love and happiness for centuries such as roses and peonies. Deliberately using flowers that have a symbolic meaning that is personal to you can add a sentimental and even playful touch to your wedding day. Remember Kate Middleton’s royal bouquet? One of the flowers in it was the Sweet William which is said to represent gallantry. I think sweet, sentimental touches like that in not only the bouquets but the décor as well can really make the important moments of the day all the more memorable.  

There are hundreds of beautiful flowers out there to adorn your wedding day but let’s discuss some of the more popular ones and the beautiful things they can symbolize.


Rose: Love

Roses are considered to be one of the most romantic blooms and they come in a rainbow of colours. The red rose is iconic for representing passionate love. Each colour is symbolic of something different: white roses are meant to show purity and innocence while pink roses represent grace.



Hydrangea: Enduring Grace

One of the meanings attached to this versatile flower is ‘enduring grace’. Other meanings include the phrase ‘thank you for understanding’.

Orchid: Love and Beauty

This popular and pricey flower is especially preferred for tropical weddings. It represent love and beauty, perfect symbolism for a wedding.

Peony: Happiness and Prosperity

This gorgeous wedding flower staple represent happiness and prosperity which couldn’t be more appropriate for a wedding.

Stephanotis: Happiness in Marriage

No doubt due to its meaning, the stephanotis is a traditional bridal flower.

Calla Lily: Magnificent Beauty

This bold tropical flower is very popular in weddings. It represents magnificent beauty,and fittingly so, since it looks beautiful even on its own in a bouquet.

Sweet Peas: Pleasure or Departure

Gardenia: Joy


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Written by Head Blogger & Social Media Manager : Saliah Chaudhry