Event Designers VS Event Planners

It’s Friday here at Oudalova and we’re gearing up for a fun shoot happening tomorrow (more on that later) but let’s talk about what we do exactly.  As a floral and event design company, our essential goal is to make your space beautiful and unique to you. Whether it be a wedding or photo shoot, our job is to create beautiful décor, set designs, styling, and generally creating the aesthetic for the photos or venue.

And that folks, is where we are different from event planners! 

Event planners deal with the logistics of your wedding day: family relations, timeline, etc. Their main focus is that the day should go smoothly; they may not be involved with the visual display. We focus on making the event space beautiful- beautifully you that is. Our job (and we love our job by the way) is to tell your unique story through stunning décor, flowers, jewels and creative design.

It’s important to distinguish that our job does not end at ordering décor items and flowers for the event. We align our vision with yours, custom make beautiful creations and work on creating a comprehensive brand for your night. We personally source linens, flowers and any other details (such as escort cards, table numbers and cake toppers) that our brides can imagine; creating things by hand is never out of the question either. 

Oudalova’s speciality is floral design. We create bouquets and boutonnieres and by extension create other unique floral creations for the décor. But for us creativity and inspiration does not end at florals. We love working with everything from jewels to fabric and everything in between. 

You can imagine how much work goes into event designing: think sketches, design boards, meetings with our bride, meetings with vendors and sources, creating custom creations etc. Therefore, if you plan on hiring an event designer, make sure to do so at least 6 months to a year prior to the occasion!  

Our primary purpose is to transform your space and create something unique to you and your significant other. 

All Pictures are of past creations by Oudalova and can be found along with more in the Gallery on our website: http://www.luxeeventsdesign.ca/gallery/