When we get - thank you - love notes we melt inside

Today  we got a letter from Anna our - May  2015 - Bride. We have Designed and executed her wedding at the Palais Royal Ballroom and worked with her very closely to execute her vision, and the result is not only a beautiful weddings, but a happy bride, happy couple and millions of memories.

"I first met Margarita about 6 months before my wedding, when I was starting to realize how much I still had left to do.

I immediately liked her.

I could tell she paid a great attention to detail and had A LOT of suggestions, many things I never even considered.  My only idea was that I wanted white flowers and I showed her some Instagram photos and somehow she managed to transform my vision to even something better.

Not only does she love what she does, she also acts as your non-official wedding go-to person. She had many suggestions for videography and favors, offering not only other vendor names but even alternatives if I didn’t want to use them. She is very reliable and her turnaround time at getting back to you is pretty much instantaneous, even though I know she is very busy. We even had some pep talks on the phone for me. In regards to the actual décor and flowers it was beyond my wildest imaginations, and I am a pretty hard person to please.

Margarita never tried to sway my vision or add things I didn’t need. My bridal bouquet was beautiful and she even added touches I didn’t know I wanted but definitely loved. All my bridesmaids literally gasped when they walked into the room when they saw the sparkly table cloth, beautiful flowers and candles. It was truly amazing, I felt like I was seeing one of those wedding magazines, or scenes from a wedding when you wish you could have something as beautiful. They all said they never had seen such a beautiful arrangement, and whoever did all this really outdid themselves. Likewise, all my guests loved them too. 

If you want to feel like you are working with someone who treats you more like one of her closest friends and not just a client, this is the place to go. Thank you Margarita for everything, you truly go above and beyond and I hope that you always remain as passionate about what you do.  I am thrilled that I chose to work with Margarita and Oudalova Events because it not only made my wedding beautiful, but a lot less stressful.  I will definitely be referring her company to any upcoming brides-to-be."


I can't thank Anna for taking the time to write this, here below are some images of her beautiful day. xo

Margarita & OED team