Where To Find Inspiration For Your Wedding

At Oudalova, we love to get inspired by everything around us- from high fashion to our beautiful mothers and traditions. Design is certainly a very important item on your wedding agenda. The look of your wedding will communicate your story to your guests and create memorable, personalized beauty around you on the big day. With that being said, we understand that sometimes it can be difficult for the bride to decide on the right look for her wedding. Whether you're experiencing a lack of inspiration or an overabundance of it, we can help you design your dream wedding.  

Following are some beautiful things to inspire our brides and grooms to design the perfect setting for their perfect story. 

Weddings are very personal, so the decor and theme should also reflect that. Look to your own personal style for inspiration: colours that you're comfortable in, colours that make you happy, favourite fashion trends, favourite flowers, and any other likes and dislikes that can translate into decor.  Flowers can have symbolic meanings as well, so choose ones that mean something to you or maybe tell your unique story. Did you know Kate Middleton's royal bouquet included blooms called 'Sweet William'? 

Do you prefer traditional and classic or avant-garde, contemporary design? Your mother may be the perfect inspiration for a classic wedding; taking creative inspiration from her wedding, looking to family traditions and doing things like including her favourite flower into the decor adds sentimentality to design as well.  Royal weddings are also beautiful examples of a classic aesthetic. Here's a link to a recent post we did on some of the most beautiful royal weddings of our time:


Fashion, decor and floral trends are a great place to start for a contemporary look. For example, rustic weddings are very popular, cascading, free-form flower arrangements are replacing perfectly shaped bouquets, and flowers are more than ever creatively used as part of decor.  Here's a link to some current floral trends to inspire you further: 


Here's Chanel demonstrating their creative use of florals in high fashion from the Cruise 2016 show.  

We also love flipping through magazines- especially fashion and wedding issues- to peek at some of the beautiful editorials featured in them. The picture below is from a dark and sexy editorial we were a part of for Perfect Wedding Magazine. If you love luxury in design and decadent, intricate decor, check the editorial out for some major creative inspiration! Click the picture for more photos. 

Other artistic industries can also be beautiful inspiration- most notably, the entertainment industry. For example, Marilyn Monroe's classic bombshell beauty and style (as well as her numerous weddings) inspire women and men alike creatively to this day. Wedding dresses from movies like Father of the Bride and The Princess Bride have become nothing short of iconic and inspire many as well. 

Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

Last but not least, look to your event designer for inspiration! Our job is to be creative and inspire you; let us help you create a vision and bring it to life. 

Inspiration is boundless- it can from anywhere and at any time: anything from Beyonce's music videos to Audrey Hepburn's movies to the little garden in your backyard, in fact. Whatever your definition of beauty and whatever tells your story best is inspiration.