Why You Need an Event Designer

In a previous post we briefly talked about the essential differences between an event designer (us) and an event planner.  Here's a link to that post, in fact:


By the way, fun fact: if you google search 'why you need an event designer' or something similar, all the engine will come back with is a list of articles and posts explaining why you need an event planner. You'll find next to nothing on event design. 

So let us educate the internet today on the importance of an event designer for your wedding (and other important occasions). 

First of all, flowers are often a very important aspect in weddings- whether you just need bouquets or want to include them in your decor as well. Event designers are often also floral designers and can create professional, artistic floral creations. At Oudalova, floral design is a major aspect of our event designing and we love to create each floral arrangement unique to our client. An event designer's job is solely the visual of your wedding, so we make sure to make it as beautiful an experience as possible. 

The visual display is often not the most important item on an event planner's list; with an event designer you can ensure that your vision for your wedding day will be catered to and realized.

Event Designers have experience and knowledge of creative aesthetics and building cohesive visual themes. This experience allows us to work with our clients in a stress free manner and help them create the right atmosphere and display. We thrive on taking care of and adding details and custom creating to make each event unique.  

Hire us 6 months to a year prior and we'll take care of everything!

Yes, you need to hire designers quite a bit ahead of your scheduled event to give us a sufficient amount of time to take care of every single visual detail in your venue. But once you've hired us, you can remain worry free about your decor and bouquets and spend your valuable time taking care of other wedding related things. Just share your vision with us and sit back!