Why Choose Local Florals?

The majority of flowers in Canada are imported from Latin America. Gorgeous exotic flowers can be sourced from other countries (we had the pleasure of delicious white orchids from Ecuador a little while ago) and certainly there is more variety especially with the unpredictable Canadian weather. (Shout out to the it-feels-like-there's-no-oxygen-in-the-air weather we've been having lately. Love it though.) 

However, it is important to support local floral farmers, and they're blooms can be just as gorgeous, if not more. The following are some things to consider which might make local buying the best option for your wedding or event. 

For the trend loving girls and boys out there, local buying is the new cool thing to do! With the picked from the garden look making waves in wedding design, this is the perfect opportunity to support local farmers. They will provide freshly cut seasonal blooms perfect for this aesthetic. Seasonal flowers also provide a seasonal aesthetic and it's a gorgeous way to celebrate the season. 

Generally, flowers are also much healthier when they reach you from a local farm. I mean that makes sense: less travel, no plane ride, no middle man; they come straight from the garden to you. This means they'll be longer lasting as well! Not to mention that there really is no other feeling like getting a bouquet of fresh just-picked-from-the-garden flowers. 

Last but not least, as mentioned in the beginning, it is very important to support our local farmers. Not only will our support insure the future and sustainability of local Canadian agriculture but, on a smaller level, we'll also be supporting local families and jobs. 

So let's support our fellow Canadian farmers today!