My Week In Pictures

It's been a while since our last  My Week in Pictures post (apologies for that).  But we can't wait to bring you up to speed on all the beautiful projects we've been working on, including a pop-up shop and a beautiful wedding full of seriously perfect orchids. Let's get started!

|ANNOUNCEMENT| Let's start off with an exciting announcement! Our Rosa Boxes will be launching on our website very soon. So stay tuned for a shop section on the site with gorgeous, classic Rosa Boxes like this one! PS. Those are green orchids! Stunning aren't they?


|BTS| Lots of projects on the go: wedding and event designing, decorating is in full swing! Peaches and pinks and crystals mixed with peonies and floating walls of course!!!


Taking a breather with Starbucks and peonies of course as I plan my next move. Lots of wedding prep and planning to go!


|POP-UP BOUTIQUE| We hosted a pop-up floral boutique at the luxurious MoroCo Chocolat on Saturday June 27th in beautiful Yorkville! It was a wonderful experience. 


Flowers in tea cups and delicious french cuisine was what our pop-up boutique at MoroCo was all about! 


|BTS| It's all in the details folks! Wedding prep in full swing. 


|CANADA DAY| Yup, we were filling our trucks with gorgeous flowers on July 1rst! 


|FLOWERS| Stunning roses and orchids delivered from Ecuador for an upcoming wedding. Seriously best deliveries ever! 


And this is how we put those blooms to use for this past Saturday's wedding! Full design production, florals and decor done by the Oudalova team. We're all about creating custom designs such as this to let your individuality shine through! 


And after a full day of production and design, the floor becomes my best friend (still surrounded by gorgeous flowers of course)