My Week in Pictures

Hello my fellow creatives! Started this week off right: who doesn't appreciate beautiful white lace on the head table? And Swarovski bling to match!!!


Starbucks representing here in Hofland! A Starbucks drink in hand is all I need to get the beautiful creative inspiration flowing for weddings, florals and design!


And THIS is what it looks like to be half way through prepping for a lovely Toronto wedding! So many beautiful blooms!


A white bridal bouquet of peonies is never a wrong choice! And neither is bling! Put 'em both together and you get the ultimate classically luxurious bouquet


A luxurious blush wedding!


And say hello to what my long weekend looked like. Can't complain though!

Margarita Oudalova

OUDALOVA Events & Design , 38 Sylwood Crescent, Vaughan, ON, L6A 2R1, Canada