Why Is Design The Most Treasured Item On Your Wedding Agenda?

To all my future brides out there: don't neglect design for your big day. We're all visual creatures and our surroundings really do effect our moods and tendencies. 

This fact is used in marketing schemes by plenty of businesses, in fact. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr: they all have the colour blue in common, and that's no coincidence. Blue represents trustworthiness and communication, two things social media is, or wants to be, associated with. 

Where you get married is important. How these surroundings look and, consequently, make you feel is even more important. Incorporating design in everything from the centrepieces to your bouquet and right down to every single decor detail that exudes a sense of comfort and happiness into the atmosphere will make the ceremony and reception all the more memorable. And your wedding should be one of the most memorable moments in your life.  Even if you prefer simplicity and are not too big on designing an extravagant wedding, the fact is that everything has a design. The simplest of weddings must have a cohesive aesthetic about them.  

Oudalova Events and Design can help you create your wedding unique to you. Our job is to design your space- transform it, if you will- and create an atmosphere that embodies the beauty of the bond being formed. Every event design company has its specialty- ours is florals. Our aesthetic combines floral arrangements with precious stones, jeweled ornaments and decor pieces to create a room of luxury. We work with our clients and combine our aesthetic with theirs. Whether it be simplicity, luxury, tradition and everything in between, we strive to bring all of our brides and grooms' visions to life. 

Here are some examples of our past work. 


What do you envision for your wedding day?