Canada's Bridal show- January 9, 10 & 11

Over the weekend we participated in the Canadian Bridal Show held at the Metro Toronto Convention centre. The show was amazing and had tons of great opportunities for lovely couples to get ideas and helpful hand for their wedding needs, it definitely screamed wedding joy. There were so many exciting things happening and so many things to be seen from Dj options to Photographers to hair and makeup to event planning and dining arrangments and so much more. The show was definitely a bit more colourful because of the lovely floral designed arch and floral arrangement within the arches of our booth. Our booth definitely stood out amongst the others because of the lovely florals and soft colours surrounding it. The over all feeling within the event was excitement and passion by both the people in attendance and the exhibitors, its always an exciting time when you get to dream about a future together or to think of being a part of something bigger then just a wedding!

The outstanding Floral arrangments within the booth were done by the fabulous Margarita, it was great to see how she could work with both faux and real flowers so beautifully in order to adapt to costumer needs and restrictions. The outside arches were all faux flowers believe it or not! By perfectly placing flowers in specific orders and patterns she made it hard to tell the difference between real flowers, the only thing that would give it away would be the smell! The centre piece of the booth was all real florals, there were over 300 stems in there! With the fusion of roses and cascading tulips the centre arrangment was a lovely attraction for people to see.

There was such a great turn out throughout all three days; fabulous inquiries, and luxurious outcomes!