Winter Wonderland Weddings- How to fall in love with every aspect of your winter wedding!

Winter is a wonderful time to have a wedding and a great time to explore all the options of how to decorate with different flowers, colours and so much more. There are a ton of ways to accentuate the winter theme; just enjoy the wonderful sight of snow or the chilling effects of the weather. Embracing the full beauty of winter and the white, chilled, amazing natural time! Its a lovely time to choose for a wedding, but most people that do choose to make their special day in the winter have a certain love for the holidays or the blanket of white that surrounds them, not just anybody can have a love for the weather and the time of year. There are extra things to do that will make a winter wedding so much more beautiful that do not depend on the weather to hold the spirit of the wedding or event.

From flowers to the gift bags for guests, everything should be custom to your liking in order to make everyone love winter the way you do! Most people would turn away from the winter weddings simply because summer weddings in the heat seem to be so much more luxurious and they have so many more options for images and the atmosphere. Winter weddings and the atmosphere can be just as amazing, the surroundings are just beautiful (sometimes even nicer!). Simple gifts to give people as a thank you for coming to the certain event would be ornaments; if the event is near christmas and you would like to show your love for the holidays. There are many other ways to show people your love of the season by simply adding pops of red with holly or mistletoe to represent the time of year, those colours are very popular during these months of winter. In other ways to help people fall involve with your theme winter is to hand out blanket to help fight the cold, its a great idea to monogram the date and your names on it; whenever people use the blanket they will think of your amazing day!

Subtle hints of colour and decoration can emphasize the theme of winter or making your day beautiful! adding sparkle, or white roses can emphasize the winter and white wonderland essence of the event! Also adding darker colours can add a sense of intriguing beauty into the event simply because of the contrast within the lightness of snow and most decorations. Flowers used at these times and colour popping dark blue accents can add depth within the area. There could also be a completely different kind of contrast and make your event a summer theme, have bright colours and tropical gifts and food to go along with beating the cold at a luxurious indoor heated venue! The amount of options that are available to people that love winter are endless and all amazing!

For your beautiful day it shouldn't matter what season it is, just make sure you are in love with everything you do!