The Modern Centrepiece?

The trend of hanging and above the table centrepieces going around the wedding and event world like crazy!! With wonderful amounts of florals and other great items to be placed and decorated within centre pices its a great option! These pieces don’t have to only contain florals; they can be lights or shapes, making your event look elegant and different from anything else anybody has seen before. The traditional style of having the centrepiece on the table in front of the guests or in the middle of the table is a thing of the past!

Say hello to risen centrepieces!! Having centrepieces at your event is essential for the appeal and theme of the event, it adds depth to the event and adds to the theme of the venue! Anything you do will help add to the appeal of a certain event, you just need to find what will fit in with your certain gathering; Either a wedding, birthday party, graduation the list goes on. There are always flowers for different events and how to clearly represent the feeling you would like to give guests when they walk into the venue, it is a great option to have them hanging to give them a different look then just being placed in a glass vase, or in a pot. By placing an interesting feature hanging from the middle of the table it creates visual appeal and more space within the table to place more glasses and plates ect., as well as creating an easier access for people to mingle. With centrepieces being to large it is sometime difficult to speak to people on the other side of the table, with this option it creates a whole new aspect of a gathering and bringing people together for your certain event!

Centrepieces can really make or break your event.. believe us we know! So it is important to have something you will cherish forever and remember making yours to be special and personal to you! This idea is lovely to try and see what your style is and how you want to decorate your special day!