Choosing a Hotel Venue?

Why have your wedding in a hotel? Well there are many benefits to having your wedding in a gorgeous hotel venue, the set up is already there for you to explore! When you choose a certain hotel for your wedding you take into consideration location and how the hotel appeals to your idea of your perfect day. There are many factors when choosing a hotel that you will fall in love with to host this fantastic event at.

Many hotels give you the option of a grand ballroom to host you event in, there can be other places along the hotel where you can hold your event based in the different hotel. Depending on the group you have the hotel you choose with vary, there are larger hotels that are known for hosting amazing events like weddings and then there are gorgeous smaller hotels that have amazing venues but they are meant for smaller groups of people. Also depending on the season you can host your wedding at an outdoor courtyard of a hotel! Most Hotels have beautiful courtyards that are available for guests to use, some even have built in arches for wedding specific needs.

The feel of the hotel is really important when choosing a perfect place, you have to think of many factors to add or take away from your plans in order to fit the specific location. If you wanted a more rustic wedding maybe choose a hotel that has great brick walls somewhere and that has a dark feel to it, not so many bright colours involved, design of the venue is key to the success of your event or wedding.

Whenever you decide on a venue its always going to be a big decision, it can make or break your event, this is definitely an important factor when planning!