Le Chateau: Wedding Boutique!!!

Le Chateau has a new addition to its many amazing aspects of the company!!! It now has a Wedding Boutique!! The amazing addition carries anything you could need and at reasonable prices!! They carry wedding dresses, accessories like shoes, earnings, bracelets, cover ups, head pieces etc!! They have bridesmaids gifts and brides maid dresses, the have cocktail gowns and things to wear to these events as well!! So many things to choose from all wedding related!

The dresses are classic and sleek, they all have the same type of feel to them! Even if you have already purchased your gown these are great options for a second gown if you really want to bust a move at your reception but not be in your full wedding gown! These would even be great if your wedding was in a rush, or you had a time limit to uphold; the only thing is that most of the dresses are exclusive to online so you would have to wait shipping times. All of these are greta ideas and ways to figure out what you want in a wedding dress! they are a great example of what you can do and even if you have a budget! These dresses give people a chance to have their dream weddings!!

I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to see! A higher end fast fashion retailer coming out with more personalized ways to connect with their customers… just amazing! Definitely putting them one step above the rest!

check out the website: http://www.lechateau.com/style/jump/The+Wedding+Boutique/category/cat38761589