Gucci Resort 2017 Collection

Gucci in my opinion is truly killing it these days! The advertisements and the clothes that are being created are amazing and so creative!! Gucci is a brand that expresses difference and the kind of different that is accepted in the fashion industry, this brand puts on a great show every fashion week. This resort wear collection is the perfect combination of design and creative minds, the combinations are amazing and so colourful.

In this collection there is definitely no lack of colour or pattern, but with Gucci when is there ever a lack of anything. This season has been just outstanding, Im not sure if its because of all the other content that has been created or the times that it is being created in and how all of these styles are truly universal and could be warn by anyone, anywhere.

Gucci expresses difference and in todays society that is something that is rarely done or not seen as pushing the boundaries. In the fashion industry we applaud difference and creativity, that is why I believe Gucci is doing a great job!! The 2017 resort collection expresses so much, individuality and power that it draws you in. This collection intrigued me to look more into Gucci as a brand; it makes you want to know more in a sense of the fashion evolution that took place and the branding that was put in!

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