Floral RENAISSANCE is right!!!

As the on going life of a business owner never stops(It's true we dont sleep) I stumbled upon these photos taken around this time last year.  I do a lot of work with flowers, besides weddings and events , my favorites are installations and custom designs.   For this project though I had to go more artistic and refined where I got the chance to experiment with floral jewellery.  Playing on the lines of the jewellery, the organic flow and smooth textures of the florals, made this shoot absolutely heavenly. Sometimes you really do have to get our of the ordinary to do extraordinary things. Do you have something unique planned for your wedding? How did you go about creating it? I'd love to hear about it - let me know in the comments below. xo


Concept and Floral Creations by Margarita Oudalova

Photography by Carla Silva of Photasia Photography ReImagined

Makeup and Hair by Shawna Lee of Judy Inc

Dresses and Location by Mona Lisa Bridal Gallery