Don't get me wrong, I love mornings, I really do.

Its that fresh start, that feeling of peace that you only get at sunrise or sunset I think. For the longest time I was a night owl ( I still am I just value my time and sanity now) Maybe its an age thing ( yes I went there) but there is something about gathering your thoughts, especially creative thoughts in the early morning with a cup of Lavazza Coffee French Press .

I have read this beautiful quote by Elsie De Wolfe "“I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.”  It forever changed my life. I mean why should something as ordinary as drinking coffee in the morning be undercut? so I pour my coffee into my Fine China Glazed teacup and enjoy lifting my pinky up as I should. My favorite China is my mom's Lomonosov Porcelain - it is super thin and fine, a total heaven to drink from, pictures are below for you to see and enjoy.

So however your morning is, find a little joy and beauty in it, sip out of your most beautiful china,  enjoy that hot java and get motivated. Its another morning, another day and opportunity to make something beautiful, to laugh and smile and to enjoy life to the fullest. 

How about that 2017?? I think I got you covered.

xo Margo

Margarita Oudalova

OUDALOVA Events & Design , 38 Sylwood Crescent, Vaughan, ON, L6A 2R1, Canada