Destination Weddings!!

Still trying to decide if you want a destination wedding or not? Have you alway dreamed of travelling somewhere hot and paradise filled to have that special ceremony with the one you love? I know I have! There are a couple extra things you have to take into advantage when you are trying to plan a destination wedding, there are time limits and money limits that you have to think about!

These types of weddings need to be planned far in advance, make sure when booking that you are booking somewhere safe and reputable, make sure that it isn't near nay of the cultural holidays or festivals in the destination place you are planning for. When choosing the location you may have one in mind but then you need to think about how to afford it, what will flight be like, you have to take into consideration where all your family will be coming from and how much tickets for the flights might be for them, and how many layovers there are, what the time difference is… ext. To save money you could potentially combine your honeymoon and your wedding in the same place, saving time as well. Thinking about the time of year is great as well when choosing a destination simply because some destinations have different weather patterns at different seasons. Also making sure you know the weather patterns is key!

Always keep your guests in mind when planning one of these weddings, they will also be spending a lot of money when traveling to see you, make sure you have accommodations for them like ways to get to the venue from the airport transportation around and anything else that will make the stay more enjoyable!

Some very popular wedding destination wedding are Hawaii, Jamaica, Italy, South Africa, Costa Rica, Florida, Greece and Spain to name a few!