Picking your wedding venus!

Picking a wedding venue can be daunting, there are so many things to plan around and this is definitely a big choice to make. Along with other aspects of your wedding this is a big deal and can add or take away from the look you want to produce at you wedding. Choosing the perfect place to hold your ceremony or reception can be difficult because there are so many options and so many beautiful places to choose. You can choose something far away or something close to home for yourself, it all depends on where you would like to have people gather at and be with you on this day! Maybe you have dreamed of this venue for your whole life, maybe your sister or brother held his beautiful wedding here and you would like to use it as well, maybe its just the most beautiful place you have ever seen and would like it to be a part of your day? All factor that contribute to how your day will feel and ho you will feel about it, it is difficult to choose but at some point you will make a decision and it will be a good one! Of course money is an issue sometimes but if you hire an events manager or planner for your wedding they can help you out on budgeting and other things that have to do with that, they will guide you in the right direction and aid in your day being the best it can be!!

Either your venue is a back yard, a hotel, a destination, a campground, a golf course, a ski resort, a banquet hall….. make your day whatever you want it to be, whatever your vision is! The Venue will only add to your vision so when you see the venue in real life you will have a gut instinct of weather or not you love it or you aren't completely in love with it, make sure you have a true love for where it is being held! Regrets are not fun when it comes to this special day! Its one of the most important days of your lives, make sure there is nothing you are unsure about!!