Tent weddings!!

Yes tented weddings do seem like something that only becomes available in the rain on a seemingly nice day outside, but they can happen at any time of the year at any location. It is usually the reception part of your wedding that will be tented and the ceremony will be in a another location or just in another place to add the affect of the wedding. It all depends on what you wanted, most people don’t generally get married under a tent, if it is a summers right and the nighttime does get cold sometimes you can have an open concept tent, some parts can be heated and some parts can be outside, like the dance floor and some high tables so people can stand and talk! Tented weddings are some of the most beautifully decorated weddings simply because you can do so much and you can explore with nature and man made options, you can have a mixture of different things to do! Tents are not only for when a wedding is meant to be outdoor but the day has turned into a rainy day so you have to get a tent; they are used and planned for normal wedding as well. With the amount of kinds of tents that are provided and available for use, they can add to any theme; beach theme, green house theme, circus theme… anything!! A tent can have fabric dropped from it, it can have lights hanging down from the top, it can have floral arrangements all around and with a tent sometimes you can even put a floor down. These tents are great!! Usually tents can have walls or walls that detach and can be tied up to show the outside while sitting indoors, this is great if it does end up raining on your wedding day and you have to go under a tent to get away from it! The beauty of a tent is that you can have it but don’t necessarily have to use it for the whole time of your reception, you can have parts that are outside and parts that are inside in order to get both elements of the nature. Tents may also help with a certain theme you are going for, if you want an elegant wedding but you would like to have an outdoor feel this is perfect for you!! Tents can make you feel like you are inside but at the venus of your choice, they go to most locations you wish to have you reception at and make you feel like you are really in charge of everything! they are truly amazing and very underrated elements of a wedding or event!