Minimalistic, modern vs retro: floral arrangements

Different flower arrangements can change with the different themes of your wedding and the different feeling you would like to go for within the types of flowers and the way you would like to put them into place. There are new ways coming up every year that are new and innovative, even though the same old simple and elegant flower arguments are timeless and will always have a way into the weddings of the present times. Retro flower arrangements are also a big deal because they explore things form the past, the colours of the flowers can change as well, when you think of retro you think of bright colours with a lot of emphasis on colour and texture within the arrangement, on the opposite side of the spectrum there are modern and minimalistic floral arrangements using one flower or two and mainly monochromatic colour schemes with minimal pop of colour within them. Modern Flower arrangements sometimes are expected to defy gravity and be made into extreme shapes that are not normally natural to flowers, these are truly all amazing and they can include any flowers! More retro arrangements will be more on the edgy side of how flower arrangements work, they will also be making a statement but in a different way, they will be making a colour statement; modern arrangements can also do this but in a more twisted and funky way to achieve the modern feel.

Minimalistic floral arrangements are considered modern because they are new and innovative, they show the florist or people picking out the arrangement how things can be so subtle but exciting at the same time, they usually don't include a lot of variation in flower and size because they are suppose to be minimal!

Florals are beautiful no matter how you place them, so are nicer than other and some do have flaws, but flowers are flowers and they are the most beautiful things around that come from nature!you choose what your style is and then consult with someone who knows quite a bit about floral arranging and styles (hint hint Oudalova events and design does!!) and then you decide what to do from there! make all the little detail perfect and help make whatever occasion truly yours!