Designer profile: Carolina Herrera

One of the most decorated and well known designers of our time is Carolina Herrera. She is amazing and so elegant. Her dresses are truly timeless and have their own taste and flare within every different one. She built an empire, she does not only create beautiful wedding dresses, she makes and participates in ready to wear and couture fashions, she also designs for men, women and children. Her only aim is not wedding dresses or clothing in general, she also designs sunglasses, perfume and many other things!! There are many sections to her brand, she has Carolina Herrera New York, Carolina Herrera and her fashion house “the House”. Carolina is so inspired by everything around her, she takes inspiration from everything she sees. All of her work has a combining factor to it, they are all so simple but detailed within each separate piece, it is truly amazing to be able to see this and that it is possible for designers to create such beautiful and elegant works that are still so popular and in fashion. She was born in Venezuela and was exposed to fashion from an early age. When she was young her grandmother took her to a Cristobal Balenciaga haute couture show in paris, to be able to be exposed to this type of fashion greatness at such a young age most likely only helped her throughout her career. Within the fashion world Carolina is known for her amazing and timeless style that is ever so elegant and can be worn by practically anyone! Carolina Herrera showed her first in New York in 1981 with help and encouragement of Diana Vreeland, legendary Vogue Editor-in-Chief. The very first runway show was held at Metropolitan Club, a New York City site and landmark. The first collection was met with great excitement and commercial success within the industry. And after this show… the Fashion House of Carolina Herrera was finally born! Throughout her time as a designer she has won a great deal of awards and has became one of the best in her field!! She is truly and inspiration and someone who many young designers and fashion lovers look up to for inspiration!!

“Elegance isn't solely defined by what you wear. It’s how you carry yourself, how you speak, what you read.” - Carolina Herrera