Outdoor weddings: why are they so special?

Having an outdoor wedding can appeal to certain types of people more then others. Some people like the beauty of the outdoors while others absolutely hate it! Its all down to preference. Having an outdoor wedding can be just as beautiful as an indoor wedding, the decor would change slightly and the scenery would add to your event, all of the factors coming into play when having an outdoor wedding. But sure there is a chance the weather would not be nice, so obviously you would take your chances with that, rain or shine you need to make your beautiful day work wonderfully!

The outdoor wedding is something I find truly inspiring, the range of places people choose to go for their special days and how it affects the guests and others around, the whole feeling is just different from an indoor wedding. An outdoor wedding has so much to offer in terms of what you can add to accentuate the outdoors within your event, with an indoor wedding you can only add so much greenery, you can add plants and trees and obviously flowers but when you are already outdoors that is already there and available for you to use. You also have the ability of choosing the season; the summer is lovely for weddings but you can run the risk of being to warm (yes of course there is such a thing) but you need to make sure your guests will enjoy your day, the spring is gorgeous, all the flowers and beautiful colours around, winter might be a bit cold, its great for photos because of the beautiful snow and white backgrounds but the outdoor factor could potentially be an issue. Of course if you wanted a winter wedding but would like it to be warm, destination weddings are always amazing, they make beauty stream throughout your wedding simply because it has different vibes then anything else you already know and makes things so much more special. There are a ton of decor options, you can really do anything with an outdoor wedding, there can be tents and flower arguments and everything there is an an indoor wedding, just in the fresh crisp outdoors.

Make sure you like the vides of outdoors, you have to fall completely involve with a concept before you change your mind and are not fully in love with how your day will turn out! LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!