Valentines day weddings?

Having your wedding on valentines day would be romantic as ever! the joy of celebrating love with all your friends and family would be amazing and how better to show people you would like to celebrate love in general then having a wedding on Valentines day.

Making your special day on Valentines day does not always mean that your wedding has to be valentines day themed, you can always have hints of the special day, you can include the colour red or hearts or change up the colour completely but have more subtle pinks or valentines related items. This day can mean so much to people, so make sure if you have a valentines day wedding you make it special for yourself, that way you can always remember it, and others will also remember the moments they had at your wedding. Everything will be based around love and the people you love, no matter who it is!! Valentines day is a day to show others you care for them, not only a boyfriend or girlfriend but family as well, love all around hopefully just not for this day…. for all days the days of the rest of your life!!

Make sure Valentines day does not over power your wedding though! make sure it is still known to be your special day! Everyone has a different opinion on how to celebrate Valentines day , so why not have everyone celebrate together!

Happy Valentines Week!!