Flower Crowns!

How amazing are flower crowns? They just add a special flare to an everyday outfit or to an amazing event. Flower crowns can be worn with pretty much anything, they have this certain flare that nothing else like it has, they can vary in size, be small, large medium flowers, they can be real or fake flowers! Basically anything your heart desires in a flower crown!!

Flower crowns do not have a specific season, they do go better with warmer weather but they also are a great contrast piece if they have warmer coloured florals within winter months combined in a wedding or event or even a simple photo shoot! Everyday fashion included flower crowns all the time, they are seen in street style pieces all the time!

It is nice to dress up a nice floral crown once and a while, they offer a lot of colour and they can add to the top half of your body! using a flower crown on your wedding day for example can help add colour to the look, when wearing a pale dress you can use reds or blue to add more of an impact or you can stick with the classical pale pink florals to add to more of a theme with the dress if everything is coherent.

Floral crowns are very versatile, they are amazing and I love how they can be natural or fake, they are amazing creations and we love them very much!!!
Go pick out your favourite flower crown today and get ready for the warmer weather to come!!