Bohemian Weddings

Bohemian Wedding themes are sometimes simple but sometime extravagant! There is such a wide range of variety from these types of weddings, they can be full of colour and flowers and candles and everything else that goes along with the bohemian feel, or they can be subtle bohemian with minimal touches of vintage flowers and vintage lace on tables and subtle thing like that!

Bohemian does not mean hippy, it is a classier way to express your inner wild child with a fun side of expressive attributes that allow you to make the vintage and everything that reminds you of the past free. There can be flower crowns or florals incorporated into the hair or dress, the cakes are very vintage and distraught looking, most of the time dresses can be lace and very free flowing with a feeing of hugging the body in just the right way to show off curves. These are truly expressive wedding themes, the use of florals is amazing, choosing the right flowers is key to making the whole thing feel like it all ties together. Subtle hints of colour also help to express this look, with purples to blues to even pinks, pops in the bouquet or the tables can make the wedding a bit more fun!

The lighting can be any kind really! there are fun ways of expressing this look successfully, you can do it with hanging florals, lanterns, candles and many many more! Anything and everything can be used as a tool to aid this event and make the theme truly your own and special to you in your own way!

Be you and don’t let anyone tell you not to! If you express yourself and experiment with what you want to do you will go and do whatever makes you happy, which is the best thing you can do in life.