Disney wedding?

Planning a wedding at disney? Or having a disney themed wedding? are you a disney lover and have been all your life?? this is the perfect for you then!!

Weddings at disney world can be the most amazing sights you have ever seen, they vary from extreme hints of disney and the characters they are ever so well known for and then to beaches and resorts around the theme parks so there are fireworks that can been seen if you have a wedding close to the water and magic kingdom!

The perfect place to have a wedding for any disney enthusiast, or even a beautiful scene that appears like a beach and is not out of the way, they have wedding chapels and many resorts that have beautiful background to take your pictures at! The Disney locations are in Orlando, Florida, Los Angeles, California and there is even a Disney in Paris, France! There are beautiful places around the world that give you a lot of locations and various community influences that change within each!

If you do not live near a disney theme park or resort location you can always have disney decor around to make you feel like you are at the magical place! Wedding can have subtle hints of disney, with hidden Mickey faces to Princess references around and within the wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses!!

There is so much you can do to make your day as magical as can be!!