Travel Inspired Weddings!

If you cant afford to go on a destination wedding this is the second best thing for travel seeking couples with the thrill of finding new places and new people to meet. Travel themed weddings are cute and whimsical but can also have a flare of fun and elegance within them. Showing off that you love to travel and that it is a part of you is a big reason one would like to incorporate these ideas of travel and fun love into their wedding, making everything have a touch of personal meaning and feeling of you. You can even specialize the travel theme to one particular place if you really want to travel there, there are tons of ideas!

Making your mark on your wedding is a key to loving your day, to have every element your own and to make every detail truly about you! Traveling is great and having travel dreams is sometimes even better so you can aspire to do certain things!

At your wedding you can have touches and decorations that make the theme relevant, the whole wedding does not have to be full out in travelling goods, you can make subtle hints! You can make a guest book out of a globe so that you can keep it forever, you can wrap your florals with a bow of map and lovely table settings that are all from different places in the world! There are tons of things to do to explore your love or travel throughout the day; your special day!!

“it doesn't matter where you're going, its who you have beside you”