Ribbons and Flowers!!

This combination has been done many times over and over again, but it is so elegant and timeless to stop using or talking about it. Floral arrangements with ribbons either as accentuating factors or as a stem holder they create such a dynamic and different look then regular floral arrangements. Ribbons come in al shapes and sizes according to what you need there is a ton of options available!

With ribbons you can also jewel up your florals, you can bedazzle them and even throw a couple pearls on there! If you are using this to go down the isle with the ribbon might be special, nice to hold and something that will not crease with heat (as you might be nervous on your wedding day!)

You can combine these things in so many different ways, there is the stem holding way where you would most likely use it at a wedding and it would be given to the bride or the bridesmaids on their walk down the isle, you can use it as a handle on top of a modern sphere of florals so maybe a flower girl or boy may carry it down the isle for the bride and groom, they can make hanging decorations and the ribbon could be the part that either supports the flowers or hangs off the arrangements to add more appeal, there could be ribbons off of the back of flower crowns (yes flower crowns, we love flower crowns!!!)

The ribbon is so useful, it can really make anything look more elegant and maybe event tie in with the theme more then a regular bouquet of flowers would without anything. From jewels to ribbons to the types of flowers you use to create these wonderful things, they all have a special meaning to you and however you would like to pursue your day!!