How to use baby’s breath the best way possible!!

Baby’s breath is very understated within florals, they are usually used to aid the bouquet and other floral arrangements but they can be used on their own and be as beautiful as ever! These simple florals are amazing and can be amazing when produced in the right manner and alongside the correct assembly and colours.

Baby’s breath can be used to make a whole bunch of different things, there are different aspects of a wedding that they can be used for. They can be used as centre pieces, halos, placed in hair for decoration, isle decor, and just general accents to other floral pieces as well! They are very versatile, they have the properties to be accents but also on their own and can hold a certain air of elegance.

Baby’s breath can be a bouquet on its own and it creates a simple and elegant accent to any decor that is at a wedding, the simplicity makes it so easy to match other florals and decorations with, its wonderful!

The versatility of baby’s breath is amazing it can be transformed into so many different things and be a part of so many different aspects in a wedding or event, The beauty it has shows when it is with other florals or simply by itself!! The fact that it looks just as beautiful by itself then with other florals is a sight and just amazing to me! There doesn't even have to be a certain theme in your wedding or event to use these lovely florals, they can be additive and just a figure to make somethings pop out better; so many ways to use them!!