Golf Course weddings?

You do not have to be a golf fan to enjoy a golf course wedding! The courses are beautiful, there is so much greenery and man made water and sand! The pictures will be amazing for sure! Even if you are a fan of playing golf and you choose to hold your wedding at a golf course the courses are amazing, you could find a secluded place to hold your ceremony that you may have never explored on the course before. The amount of florals and decor you bring to add to the atmosphere of your wedding do not have to follow any pre determined decor designs because it is a pretty plain but beautiful background wherever you decided to explore in the golf course!

To have a theme that goes along with the place (golf themed) isn't uncommon, but you could be holding your wedding there just because it is beautiful! the decorations and flower options are endless and can be complimented by the green in the golf course. Many golf courses also have a man made or are natural water features, they often also have fountains in them to show off the beauty of the water!

To achieve your perfect wedding dream you have to choose the venue and location that is perfect for what you have in mind, either its a hotel, barn or golf course!! Only you know what is perfect for you!