Barn Weddings?

A barn wedding? Really? Do you have to live on a farm to enjoy a farm wedding? All the questions surrounding having your wedding or reception in a barn or farm setting. The answers are all up to you and depend on what your prefer and what would make your day the best it could be. Personally I do not think you have to own or have lived at a farm to enjoy a farm wedding, you can have a love for certain things that a barn can offer for example the scenery and the vibe it gives off (depending on the barn you choose)

If you are a person that loves being outside and loves the farm and barn vibes this is totally for you, the possibilities are endless! You could really decorate any way you want! Floral arrangements could be neutral or show a pop of colour, they could be large or small; everything varies depending on your venue and the type of wedding you were aiming for.

You can do everything with a country and barn feel or you can keep the country and barn feel far away form anything you are trying to create, you can always choose the venue and have it as the perfect rustic background for your beautifully elegant wedding, or you could have the whole theme be coherent and have a country and hay and houses filled wedding!

Both options seem to be a good idea, you can put your own flair on anything you put your mind to and a wedding is defiantly one of them (especially if it is your own!!)
you want to make your day everything that it can possibly be and amaze people in a whole bunch of different ways, make the scenery scream you as a person and make it as vibrant as can be with your simple and gorgeous touches all around to make it personal!!