Decor: Chalk Boards?

Chalkboards are all the rage for simple and effective ways to achieve a direction or sign that you need at your event. They show a different kind of style at any event, they are fun and whimsical in the sense that you had chalkboards as a child growing up and going to school while your teacher would write lessons on them! They are a super fun idea to get a little creative with your event!!

You can even make chalkboards yourself with paint and a canvas, they are s simple and can be so elegant within a certain setting. There doesn't have to be a chalkboard theme if=t can just be a decorative element and informational because ti can tell people where to go, what time everything is or even be a memory token for your guests when they leave to take their personalized chalkboard home with them.

There re tons of ways to look at what you can do with a chalk board, think if it will fit your style and the feel of your wedding or event and then see how it will add to what you want to convey within the event. Personally I think these lovely decor ideas can really help add personal touches and ways of showing personality into your specific event.