Toronto Bridal Show: April 2016

This past weekend we participated in the Toronto Bridal show held at the Entercare centre within the Exhibition are of Toronto Ontario. The booths were all amazing and it was a great experience! we met tons of new people and potential clients it was wonderful to exhibit what we are capable of!! Sharing a booth with Trevents, a planner was wonderful, working together was amazing and a great experience! The show was beautiful!

Our display consisted of real and silk florals, there was candles and so many other attributes to the set that made it look the best! We had a table set up to show people what we are capable of, there was a cake in front of the table as well to show the full capability that can be worked with! There was glamour all around our booth, G708 was defiantly a stand out in the crowd of other booths.

The show was amazing and on such a nice day the booths inside really made an impact! Friday Saturday and Sunday were all amazing days, it was just a great weekend, thank you to all the people that can to say hi! Everything was great and it was nice to showcase such beautiful talents of Margarita and Trevor!