Mass Exodus 2016!

Every year Ryerson University in Toronto puts on a student run fashion show; the largest student run fashion show in North America, Mass Exodus. This year we were invited to be a guest at the curated show on Sunday April 10th. This show consisted of 15 hand picked collections produced by the fourth year Fashion Design students, these were the capstones designs from these specific students. Todd Lynn a respected designer that has himself graduated from the Ryerson Fashion Design program chose the collections that were shown in this show. This day there were 3 previous shows to also showcase all of the fourth year students collections.

A few weeks prior to the show we made a wall of silk florals to act as an excitement factor and for promotion up until the show date! The wall was amazing and stood out among the windows and more geometric shaped attributes of the building, while the show was happening this wall was outside ready to take picture with, and many people did! The wall was at the entrance of the fourth year Fashion communications students capstones in the Student Learning Centre.

Students in RTA, Theatre, Creative Industries and Fashion Communications came together to create this wonderful show, all of the lovely volunteers were there for the whole day, The events started early in the morning this past Sunday, and the efforts were truly shown throughout the whole day!

The location was amazing!! The Ryerson Student learning centre was a new venue this year for Mass Exodus planners to explore. The show was held on the sixth floor with is known by the students as the “beach” floor. It is known as a place where you can study, talk to friends and just hang out! This floor is so dynamic and well structured, the space is amazing and has many different levels to it. Personally I was so curious as to how they would transform this into a beautiful runway; but they did it!! Models were walking up and down the isles and down stairs, which could not have been easy, but it was wonderful!

Compared to past years this show stood out not only because of the new space it was held in but the graphics and the dynamic set up of the show, it was different than others!! The designs were truly amazing, I believe the graduates are presenting more and more dynamic views on what they design and what they wish to put into the world of fashion every year.

Well done to all the Ryerson fourth year students, all of the work was amazing and good luck in the future!