Floral Bouquets

Exploring they type of bouquet you can have at your wedding may be the creative and interesting aspect you have been looking for. Trying to decided weather or not you should stick with traditional round bouquet or do a pageant style, or maybe even cascading, the decision is all up to you!

Round bouquet: This bouquet is simple and elegant, known as the most traditional of the bouquets for weddings. It can be either a cluster for a dense feel or t cant be a loosely put together bouquet with an airy feel to it. This works well with all wedding dress styles, there is no specific one that it should be paired with. You can put any flower you want in this bouquet because it will turn out the was you specifically would like it.

Pageant bouquets: This is a long stream of flowers that fall on your arm so it is the length of the arm and is held at the bottom. This is most described as modest, but can be turned into an elaborate design with the choice of florals.

Cascading bouquet: This bouquet is considered the most traditional and most formal of the florals, it was designed to spill over the brides hands gracefully and make it look sophisticated and stylized. It is mostly round at the top and narrows as it goes down. any flower can be used in this style.

Nosegay bouquet: This is a compact cluster of florals with the stems wrapped tightly together often with a ribbon at the bottom with the stems. This florals traditionally contain more greenery than other bouquets. This type of bouquet is very popular for bridesmaids florals because they are tighter kept and have a smaller emphasis then others.

Pomander bouquet: Often this bouquet is referred to as the ball or a ball because of its round floral features. This bouquet is suspended from a loop of decorative ribbon on the top and is held from that. The florals are all typically the same size within this. This type of bouquet is most likely seen on flower girls and as ceremony decor.

Posy bouquet: These bouquets are small round in shape and can usually be held in one hand easily. This is chosen to be either the brides or bridesmaids bouquet simply because it can adapt to any flower it could hold in it. This Floral can be loosely constructed and embellished with trim of ribbon that fits your wedding colour just to make the decor match. Flowers that work amazing in these bouquets are Roses, Gerber’s, Peonies and Tulips.

All of these bouquets are amazing and can be used in so many different ways!! Explore your options!