Happy April!! Spread the Floral joy!!

As it is now officially spring and we can rejoice about the amazing florals and weather hat will soon be coming! All the great colours and amazing arrangements that we have in store will be great!! I can not even begin to explore or explain the excitement that I am feeling just because of all the shop windows and displays all around that include florals and amazing ones at that!!!
If it could be this time of the year all the time would that be a problem??

As it is bringing the time of year when everyone becomes interested in Floral patterns why not look into how these patterns can be used within weddings and events?

You can incorporate this pattern into anything!! you need to be creative with it! You can always have a cake that has flowers on it and floral pattern, they can be lightly coloured with a beautiful icing and piping work done by great bakers all around the world! You can have more subtle hints of floral prints like within lace embroidery and table linens, plates and napkins, basically everything table related! You can have your wedding dress be a subtle lace floral pattern as well with flower accents in your hair and within the bouquet! Brides maid dresses can compliment the spring weather and theme if you are going for the floral feel!

You can always use floral patterns but why not also include real florals, some that accentuate the weather and the feeling of this time of year! Show as much floral as you would like, nobody is stopping you!