Aqua & Teal Weddings!

Teal and Aqua are amazing colours for the warm weather that is to come! Teal and Aqua are only some of the colours that are trending in spring 2016 for weddings, so this is a great idea to explore for the future weddings that might be held!

The amount of Teal and Aqua decorations you can find are amazing! There are wonderful candles and lanterns to give light and a nice feel to the wedding, there are also tons of florals that accentuate these colours and help them come out even further to make an impact.

There are dresses and ties and bows and ribbons that you can wear to help also with the theme, they are just additive factors to make sure everything is cohesive and works together nicely. Bridesmaids dresses and ties or pocket squares are very easily found during this season or spring summer because this is suck a popular colour. The little decor that is added not only to the ceremony but to the venue and to the bridal parties all adds to the aesthetics of the wedding and venue!! With using a colour to the best of its ability you can truly show your own colours and how you want others to see your love!

These colours are amazing and can be shown in a amazing way if paired with the right colours that compliment it or even if they are in a monochromatic form! they will look amazing at any venue!!!