The perfect cake topper!

Who doesn't like cake? Who doesn't like flowers? Well I 100% love both of those things!! Flowers on top of cake? How could it get better!

When decorating or deciding how to decorate a cake for a wedding or event the baker or bakery that you are getting the cake from will know that you can only use silk florals on the cake or sugar flowers that they make in store or order or you have to use some type of edible flower on the cake because they have to come in contact with something people eat (cake or icing) and some flowers are not good for consumption. These arrangements are truly amazing the way they are done!

With a white cake or any colour of your choice the cakes and florals can match and make a true impact when being a visual centre piece. Making the cake of an event floral, you are making a creative impact on the way people think by breaking boundaries of what the traditional cake needs to look like!

The different florals you can use and that are available in silk are amazing and also so beautiful! They look so similar to the real ones so it is hard for guests to tell the different because of the beauty in the cake and all around it.

I think this trend is amazing and that everyone should test it out or have an option available to use it on a decorative cake like a wedding or birthday or event cake.