Whimsical Retro themes!

Making theme for a wedding can be a little easier to execute a certain vision the way you would like! Themes are the perfect way to execute what type of wedding you would truly like to express how you are as people and to show people what you truly represent!

Themes are amazing when it comes to weddings or events, they make everything coherent and help to make everything work together well! A retro wedding is amazing and can be filled with all types of colours and designs! The whimsical feel throughout the theme can be shown within everything, it can be in a table setting, an isle, the lights and even the individual dresses and suits with all the accents of colour and the theme! Everything is amazing and can be perfect done with the right flowers and the right decor!

The retro theme is great when you want to show off your funny and whimsical side through the wedding or event! This is great for the summer or an outdoor wedding to show a spirit! Even if the dresses and suits are not with the theme is can be a nice a colourful retro wedding but with a modern flare in some different decor, you could have modern glasses but in the retro colours and settings! Mixing and matching the new with the old is amazing and a little bit of a throw back to what things used to be like!