Florals for summer!

There are a bunch of different kind of flowers you can use at any time of the year but in the summer it is most common and known to use these kinds: There are roses, Hydrangeas, gardenias, Dahlias, Cally Lillies, Poppies, lavender and so many more!!

All of these flowers how so much beauty and have so much power on their own but together in a bundle or as decor at a wedding or event they are truly amazing! Summer is a time to be colourful and be bold, so within a wedding or event you can experiment and see what you like best within a floral arrangement! These florals give the chance to show a pop of colour or just be overall colourful and vibrant by themselves!

A flower that I did not think would be that popular would be lavender, sure it smells amazing but to use it in a bouquet? I think with the right amount of rose or dahlias or even some hydrangeas these would bring out the rich colour that they bring! The purple shown in these are truly different than any other floral, the shape is different as well.

Any floral used in a beautiful way is amazing, together with others or by itself, they are natures beauty and a true work of art!!