Vineyard Weddings!

If you love wine or just like the visual appeal of a vineyard they are both good enough reasons to hold a vineyard wedding somewhere close to you!!! In Ontario, Niagara On the Lake in the Niagara Region is a great place to explore all the vineyards and beautiful wineries within the area.

These are beautiful to hold a wedding, they have a great appeal if you are outside and even the buildings at these wineries, they have amazing potential to be dressed up with all of your own decor and ideas to go with the theme that could potentially be a vineyard or winery themed wedding to go with he venue. You can also have the venue just be a backdrop for your event, so it could be filled with florals and colours to contrast the rustic feeling of most wineries.

These venues are great to add your own touch to, they already have such a great ascetic appeal but when you add lights and candles and florals they become a masterpiece. There is truly so much you can do with these venues!!!

Weather the wedding is outdoors or indoors the theme and attributes of the wedding will shine through this amazing venue choice!! (also if it rains you have two options if your wedding was planned to be outdoors, there is always a building option, this is a major plus!!)

I think vineyards are truly amazing and work of art themselves, looking at the beautiful aspects of the nature and then man made work is truly intriguing and amazing!!!