Geometric florals!

Geometric floral arrangements can be seen as a more modern take on floral pieces! they are amazing in their own way! They have so many shapes intertwined in the pieces, there are often even 3D outer shapes that are enclosed with florals!

These arrangements can be hanging or used as a centre piece to a table, they are great for both purposes! They are great additives to either a rustic wedding or more of a modern wedding! They are also great for events, birthday parties, family parties, engagement parties even just as decorations in your house!

There are many uses for these arrangements, they hold a certain class and modern figure within an event or wedding! They can be in any geometric shapes, they can be circles and squares and triangles, they can even be a free flowing shape but they have to have straight lines! the flowers can either be inside a shape with glass walls or they can be around a shape! there are multiple ways of pulling off this gravity defying look!

modern but classy!